Language is the common treasure of all material and spiritual values, feelings, thoughts and memories, and the most important social existence of nations. The first and fundamental element of culture is language. With ideological views, a maize and language should not be ignored and denied. In other words, to have an understanding by making the official language indispensable in education and official language ... Culture continues by transferring its existence from generation to generation. Traditions and traditions, world view, religion, art, history etc. The language is transferred to generations. It is the most effective language in the formation of the nation and other cultural elements. Unfortunately, since the seventeen years of our Turkish language, our nation and those who see the separate from the past and: ur Let's take the foreign words in our language; Let us animate the old Turkish words. Lar There is no pure language on earth that has not received words from other languages. Grammar, architecture of words, not words in languages; sounds are of domestic and foreign music are national. In contrast to the politicians who say "divide the language" today, Said-i Nursi stated that the education and culture given in the mother tongue would remain intact and that something processed in the national language would be warm to people regardless of their content. There is a need for an education system that can meet the needs of generations in the global age. The language and literature courses that will be given in our universities should be given with belagat course for scientific efficiency. In order to ensure the power of meaning, attention should be paid to the necessity of the rules of rhetoric, considering the importance of style and not only the use of words. Today's Turkish, which has been destroyed by great destruction, should be compiled and corrected according to the Risale-i Nur, which is the most perfect example, measure and form.


Risale-i Nur, Turkish, literature, wording, retorik.

Author : Maksut BELEN
Number of pages: 123-139
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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