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Can we assume that the high-pathal harmony directed at perception, not the observed thoughts in the group, is negative for the effect on the individual? Is it true that individuals in the groups are authentic, natural or authentic people, or are they passive entities who have lost their individuality by joining the group and whose personalities have been resolved with "voluntary servitude"? Can you speak of an independent group psychology and group mind independent of the group leader? How much group behavior observed in groups can be reduced to individual group members? The main purpose of this theoretical exercise is not only to answer the above questions but also to answer how the group influences the individual and the question of whether the individual will remain in the manipulative environment of his / her group because of the "individual loss" problem. In this context, firstly the group will be tried to question the true nature of the group, the group mind, the problematization of the obedience discourse in groups, the production of consent in groups, and the possibilities of staying as individuals in groups. For this, a general analysis of group behaviors and individual behaviors in groups will be tried to determine the position of the individual in individual-group interaction. In addition, the "individual-group" dichotomy will be explained and the analysis of what the "we rhetoric", which dominates the group discourse, will be tried to analyze.

group, group dependency, voluntary servitude, identity deindividualization.

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