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Ahi Community and Traditional Gatherings for Singing and Playing. Study Case: Çankırı and Şanlıurfa
This article attemps to illustrate that although the tradition of Ahi Community (which started in the 13th century among tradesmen after the Turks had come to Anatolia, adopted a settled life and went on until nowadays) has experienced various changes since then, especially Yaran Community in Çankırı and traditional gatherings (Sıra Gecesi) in Şanlıurfa maintain this tradition. Information regardıng the historical side of “Ahilik” tradition and how it reached the modern tımes was discussed in a detailed way. The dimensions of these social gatherings began with “Ahilik”. The similarities of past and present characteristics of “Yaren” and “Sıra Gecesi” gatherings are treated in this article. Also, the article explains how and why they have become different and how they are carried on today. Furthermore, it explores the structure, the social and ethical sides of both the Yaran Community and the Sıra Gecesi, as well as presenting the particularities of their musical styles, in order to find the common and different aspects of the two cultural gatherings.

Ahilik, Yarenlik, Sıra Gecesi.

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