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The subject of this study is the leathers used in Turkish bookbinding art. In the study, the types of leathers used in bookbinding, characteristic properties of these leathers and methods of tanning are mentioned. The leather obtained from various animals is a natural product, which has unique properties by its structure, texture, etc. It has been used in functional products before, because of its robust structure. Afterwards, with the development of the leather craft profession, diverse features and aesthetic values were gained to the leathers that are processed with technical methods, thus they became available in many different fields. At the same time, because of its durability and softness, leather also became the most important material of bookbinding art. The Turkish translation of ‘bookbinding’ has passed from Arabic to Turkish, is used in the same meaning with ‘leather’. The book covers for the protection of written works are named as bookbindings because they mostly made by leather. In this study, it is intended to introduce of the leathers that are used in bookbinding art. In the study made in the direction of this purpose, it is attained that in the bookbindings, the leathers of goat, sheep, bovine-cattle, gazelle, camel, etc. are being used, those are being tanned with traditional methods by using herbal substances, but because the character of that animal determines the properties of the leather, goat leather (Saffian) is mostly preferred for its durability and smooth surface.

Bookbinding Art, Leather, Leather Craft, Tanning, Saffian

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