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Today, we live in a world where all concepts are distorted with increasing speed of life. The need to redefine good and beautiful voice has arisen strongly due to the fact that voice contests are the highest rated shows in the media. First of all, a common mistake needs to be corrected. Contrary to the common perception of synonymity in the definition of good and beautiful voice, the exact opposite idea is pointed out. While the goodness of a voice is based on certain criteria, a beautiful voice is evaluated by hearing and emotions. Beautiful voice, identified by collective hearing may be related completely to the culture and habits of the individual and society. This research aims to reveal which voice is good and which voice is beautiful, -a subject that needs to be redefined in today’s world- by stating the definitions of good and beautiful voice, and by reviewing the concepts of messa di voce, register, resonance, vibrato and phonation in an effort to sustain a consensus and to clarify the aim of formal voice education.

Good voice, Beautiful voice, Good voice criteria, Messa di voce, Resonance, Register

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