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Abandonmet (Idrab) means avoid and keep away in the dictionary. It is disclosed types of Idrab style in the Qoran. For those heard ıdrab's effets, they felt it's impact. Moreover, it had carefully heard those words that contacted both linquistic and artistic needs for human beings. From this perspective the Qoran had preserved its character as a divine book that been investigated for centuries above it. In this study it had lighted the rhetorical characteristic and linquistic or semantic features that spread of the whole of the Qoran. In this process the prophet, who received the Qron from Allah, was accused of doing magic or with vizardy. In fact, it had made up a lie that he is a poet and what he says is a poetry. They also had him in other accusations. In his study, it also had contacted sending the Qoran in Arabic. Likewise, it was investigated the meanings of dictionary and term for the word of abandonment. With the word of cancellation (iptali) here, it was intended the destruction of the meaning of the previous sentence and the revealing of the meaning of the next clue. There have been scholars who declare that the cancellation variety of abandonment wasn’t existed in the Qur'an. Afterwards, it was searched the type of cancellation (intikali) of abandonment. Because it was emphasized that transfer type of abandonment is to be transferred from one judgment to another. Finally, it was mentioned the delated (mahzufî) type of abandonment. This t is a type of idrab was indicated that is not in the text but is thought to be and is very rare in the Qoran. After all these it was mentioned the verses about these three species and how they were expressed abandonment. This study was concluded with a brief conclusion and findings.

Qoran, Abandonment, Cancellation, Transfer, Delate

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