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In Islam, common name of religious educational institutions is ‘madrasa’. Madrasas which were under protection in the administrations of Seljuk and Ottoman have been closed right after the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in 1924. Nevertheless, the ones named Oriental/Eastern or Kurdish Madrasas have continued their activities till today. Two of these madrasas are located in Siirt’s Tillo district and for this reason, they are called Tillo madrasas. The data aiming to understand the effect of Tillo madrasas over the mentality and practice of the people living in Siirt city, were obtained in the months of April and May of the year 2017, with a balanced field research in the entire city of Siirt. In the field research, using a structured interview form, (15 years old and over) 166 people were interviewed; in other words over 0.1 % of Siirt’s urban population which is 158,574. As a result of the research, basically, it is detected that, Tillo madrasas have political, social, economic and more than these a higher religious authority over Siirt people.

Sociology of Religion, Madrasa, Authority, Siirt, Tillo.

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