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Balkans, for centuries to many different races, civilizations and religions belonging nation has hosted. Balkans , which also has a very important place in Turkish history , has always been a primary factor in terms of policies and the organization of the Ottoman Empire . Today, scientific research shows that are in a dominant influence is undeniable dimension of Turkish culture in the process of Islamisation of Turks and the Balkans. Balkan city in Sofia also has its share of this cultural heritage. "Meeting the project with the historical heritage of the Balkans" during the operation that was observed, although it did not reach more than 95 % of the architecture from the Ottoman Empire to date , concrete and abstract works remaining from the Ottoman today in Sofia can be realized even observe simple . It is known that both political separation from the Ottoman Empire and almost all the vacant due to migration of the architecture was deliberately destroyed. The work of the few remaining wood depot, arsenal, prisons, drug stores and so on. used as , or later converted into a church or museum. As for the situation in the historical process of the Muslim peoples of the Ottoman legacy can be regarded as decisive factors in this regard has been the regional and international politics. Bulgarian Turks , after a long process of victimization experienced by state repression Bulgaria's transition to democracy with the rights they lost their recycling.

Sophia, Bulgaria, Balkans, Ottoman Monuments, Turkish- MuslimPresence.

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