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The variety of industrial and technological products while producing new tools that facilitate human life every day, but also threatens the natural world has become increasing environmental problems and endanger the viability live. Human beings basic needs met from the first ages ago and continued his life in the struggle with nature by changing the environment in the process. Industrialization, the variety of products, production methods, rapid population growth, urbanization and changes in the cultural change in the consumption habits of people as technological developments have brought together. Mankind has used natural resources in all actions taken to achieve the more advanced civilization. As a variety of consumer products, when changing human behaviour, depending on their use, people also began to experience the transition to a kind of technological life patterns of habitat model. By using the scientific technological progress manufacturing sectors, the life cycle defined as a technological culture occurred. In this study, technological development, production-technological culture diversity and technological consumer society on the environment and environmental awareness and reflection effects have been described.

Technology, Consumption, Technological culture, Environmental awareness, Environmental education

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