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Spatialism, mensioned by the Argentine painter Lucia Fontana after the World War II, is the beginning of the Italian movement, exemplifying Dada's experimentation, set out from Futurism's dynamic. Lucia Fontana has developed the way that the Futurists follow in the description of the material with the movement of the interest of technology and has expressed a new understanding of space. Fontana did not accept the classical rules of art, and instead of these rules, he wanted to reconstruct the art in accordance with the mechanical age. Besides the canvas surface, real color, real light, and real shape has been placed among icon breakers. Fontanaart has contributed to the development of four-dimensional art by analyzing the concept of matter. In the white manifestos published in Buenos Aires in 1946, the artist developed in a vicious cycle in the history of civilization, and now it is said that technology and art should be destroyed. There are seven papers following this manifesto. In 1951, Fontana published a Tecnicodellespazialismo (The Technical Declaration of Spatiality), foreseeing that a canvas image should be left aside and a new art form to be formed by combining concepts such as color, sound, space and time.

Spatialism, FuciaFontana, Material Use in Painting, Sound in Painting

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