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Comics are a kind of narrative which contains text and the visual together. Besides, the events in the comic book are constantly taking action, which awakens children’s interest. Because of these features of comic books, the values and messages can easily be transferred to children. In this context, the positive and negative role-model behaviors of the characters, especially the heroes in comics, can be very effective on children. Especially, it is significant that the concepts such as tolerance, respect, justice, affection and mercy are taught to children in a positive way. Due to its educational aspect, comic strips can contribute a lot to the children to be a positive role-model in the process of constructing either personal or cultural identity. The purpose of this study is to study the similarities and differences between the samples Red Kit (Luckey Luke) and Tommiks (Captain Miki) in accordance with the basic values in the Notice no. 2010/53 from the Ministry of National Education. The main method of the study is document review. As a result of the review, it has been determined that both comic strips have many examples of positive role-model behaviors as many as the negative behaviors.

Cultural identity and children, comic book, comic book in construction of cultural identity, Tommiks

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