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While society has developed economically as result of the Industrial Revolution, this disproportionate rapid development has also caused the destruction of the environment and created adverse effects on the society. The concept of sustainability has emerged as a measure to reduce these negative effects. The concept of sustainability continues to be a contemporary issue which deeply affects our world today. While increasing the quality of human life today, technological developments, starting just after the Industrial Revolution, has increased consumption and destroyed limited resources on the world. Nowadays, which we observe consumerism, people working actively in every professional domain, from all walks of life, should contribute to society's awareness and sustainable development for the future of our world, Today, the damage caused by consumer goods is increased. The most important cause for this unconscious consumption is the advertising sector. During this period, there is a process in which the responsibilities of designers actively working in the advertising industry are questioned. In this study, it is discussed what contribution/s the field of graphic design could provide in terms of sustainability, both the problem and the solutions.

Sustainability, Design, Graphic Design

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