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İsmail Gaspıralı Bey, who is in service at the late 19th century and early 20th century, and who had repercussions in Turkish world with the slogan “unity at language, idea, work”, was a person who was appreciated and supported by Turkish world thanks to his works about protecting of the national identity of Turkish world. He is a person who sought ways to enlighten and develop and who undertook various activities to carry out this aim. One of such activities of him is that he published a newspaper titled Tercüman. In this newspaper, he discoursed on the current system of education, and also suggested criticism and reform ideas. The idea of reforming madrasahs radically was specifically among the fundamental aims of Gaspıralı. First and above all, he believed that the teaching method used at madrasahs and the courses given there should have been reformed. Because he was aware of the fact that the young who graduated from madrasahs were very inadequate in terms of knowledge. According to how Gaspıralı imagined, the madrasahs to be reformed had to be changed into a kind of modern secondary Muslim school which would have an extensive religious and secular curriculum in the native language.

İsmail Gaspıralı, reform, Madrasah

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