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Beauty that is one of the main concepts of esthetic and art, is defined as an harmonious totality consisted of sizes and dimensions evoking pleasure and admiration in human. Beauty concept has also a central place in poetry which is accepted as fine arts. Since it is both from fine arts and a field referenced by literary arts, beauty concern made its presence felt in poetry so artistic and esthetics dimension was regarded. Especially in classic Turkish poetry it is necessary to state the presence of this precision. It attracts attention that beauty in classic poetry in which there are reflections of idea to perform art and evoke esthetics pleasure, was mentioned with “kemâl” (perfection). Because in absolute meaning kemâl (perfection) is considered as Allah, the source of beauty. Accordingly, the approach of classic poetry in which idealist approach was adopted, towards beauty was discoursed in this study. The connection of beauty with perfectness was tried to be revealed via poems chosen from divan literature. In this study aiming to determine perception of classic Turkish poetry towards beauty by regarding philosophical and sufistic dimensions of art and esthetics, paraphrasing based on meaning method was used. As a result, it was found out that beauty perception in classic Turkish poetry closely associates with perfection.

Classic poetry, Esthetic, Art, Beauty, Perfection

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