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By signing the Lausanne Treaty after national struggle, the new Turkish Government began the modernization process. In the modernization process, economy was at the high-importance, in accordance with the decisions taken at Turkey Economic Congress held in İzmir, the new government began the work in this field. However, the liberal economic policy adopted in congress, was not enogh fort he needs of the country, therefore the “Young Republic” practiced statism since 1933. Thanks to its industry plans Turkey made remarkable advance in development. With Second World War, the Country had to pause its breakthroughs. While trying to maintain its neutrality, it also had to apply an War economy. Today, the practices of National Protection Law is also discussed from time to time. With the purpose of keeping away the country from negative affects of war, the Law took police measures, however, it caused injustice and misuse like bribery and jobbery in practice which led to public reaction therefore it did not yield the desired result. This also emerged the necessity of the analysis about the reflections of enacted law to the society.

War,Economy,Turkish National Protection Law,Statism,Profiteering.

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