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In Turkish culture, one of the best example of social assistance and solidarity is imece tradition.That tradition is a culturel heritage coming from past and existing in present.That heritage has succesfully been protected by the nation in its historical journey from Middle Asia meadows to Anatolian plateau and from there to Balkan region.İmece tradition , which has an important place in our cultural identity has been the most important and unique value in social assistance of our nation so far. Have you ever wondered how is its meaning and origin interacted when you examine the origin of imece word? In this study, imece tradition is described and some researches and notions about the origin of imece word are given. Did this word come to our language by quoting or was it created by our nation ? According to some researchers, imece word is related with emgek word and the origin of the word is connected with “emgek” , “work hard”. According to other researchers , imece word was derived from üme,ümeci based on examples of Turkish dialects and accents. Üme,ümeci mean help,helper. These two notions are the most probable ones about imece words origin. In this article, after the brief introduction about the imece tradition,first these two most probable notions and then other notions about the origin of imece word are described in details. Also imece word’s meaning in dictionaries are described in this article as it is.

imece, tradition, cooperation, üme, hepler

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