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In the pre-school period, children's personal, spiritual and physical development bases are taken. The child also is a constantly changing and developing entity by the means of personally and spiritually just as in the case of the physically growing. Throughout the pre-school period, the child reveals his/her latent power by drawing, living, playing, demonstrating him/her-self, and prepare their-self to life by this way. The task of pre-school teachers is to provide appropriate education to the child's individual development level and to help them to make unique products by allowing wide independence to them. For this reason, this work was conducted to determine the opinion of pre-school teachers about the art activity. In order to create the research group, 10 pre-school teacher were randomly selected from the schools that are attached to the National Ministry of Education. The work is qualitative research and data were collected by using semi-structured interview technique. The main themes related to the subject were identified through data collection, and these themes were asked to teachers in the question format then teachers were asked to answer by the means of their information. Interview forms were analysed separately by the investigator in order to make data analysis reliable. As a result of the study, teachers indicated that art education is process-oriented.

Visual Arts, Child Development Courses, Pre-school Teachers.

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