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Financial markets, which constantly develop themselves under the influence of globalization, continue their existence by renewing / developing their activities. Development and Investment Banks in the first founded in 1950 as Industrial Development Bank of Turkey constantly expands the functional areas and increase its role in the financial system. Taking into account corporate financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, IDBT aims to provide the financing opportunities and to provide the most suitable financial resources for the customers. The aim of the study is to examine the activities, formation and functioning of IDBT, one of the Development and Investment Banks, which has an important place in economic growth. The study is important because there is not much research about IDBT and its asset structure is separated from commercial banks. Literature search is used as a method in the study and it is benefited from scientific sources related to the subject. In the results of study; IDBT concluded that an efficient and effective organization in the Turkish financial system.

Investment Banking, Industrial and Development Bank of Turkey (IDBT), Turkey

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