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Information Technology (IT) ensures that various transactions in each department of a business are carried out quickly and efficiently. Managers using IT can easily acquire the necessary managerial knowledge in a short period of time and use it effectively in decision-making processes. Today's business students are tomorrow's business managers who will participate in those decision-making processes. In this context, the aim of this study is to determine business students' competence in and attitudes towards IT and factors that might be associated with them. Results show that students have a high level of competence in basic IT, moderate level of competence in advanced IT and low level of competence in Web Applications. Although male students benefit more from IT than do female students, the former avoid jobs that require the use of IT. Students without computers are less likely to benefit from IT, have higher anxiety levels and less willing to work in jobs that require the use of computer technologies than do those with computers. Results also show that students with higher levels of IT access have more positive perceptions of the benefits of IT and lower levels of anxiety.

Technology, İnformation Technology, Department of Business Administration, Attitude, Competence

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