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Poetry is the oldest type of literature. It is the prominent type of writing that give priority to the meaning through literary arts. Throughout the history in every nation firstly poetry orally performed for the artistic purpose and prose entered the art field after the invention of the writing. People who writes poems or recite poems called poet. Poets are kneaded with the culture of the society in which they live. The poets vocabulary provides information about the social, religious, political, economic institutions or situations of their era as well as historical events and culture of their society. The poet owes his existence to the language of his nation. The poet glamorizes the language created by his/her people for centuries by finding new ways of reconnecting words in poems. In this way, he/she immortalizes the functioning and progress of the language and transmits it to the future generations. Vocabulary studies are important in order to look at the society through the eyes of a poet. This study includes analysis and determinations on the vocabulary of Arif Nihat Asya’s book titled “Ses ve Toprak”. First section of the study includes information about Asya’s life. Following section includes classified list of the vocabulary of the studied book. At the last section of this study, it was attempted to make inferences about the period and the world view of the poet based on the frequency of the words used in the book and also to reach an overview of the vocabulary of the book.

Poem, poet, vocabulary, Arif Nihat Asya

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