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The weaves that symbolize the cultural identity and wealth of societies are historical documents that convey emotions without any need to words and writing. The patterns and colours reflected on the cloth by the people weaving it are a way of self-expression. Weaving which is among the traditional handcrafts has a very important value in terms of Turkish Culture. Even the first weaving samples belonging to many years ago have reached the present day by being tranferred from generation to generation. Hand weaves that tell of our history and shape our today are still continued in many regions of Turkey. Sinop peshkir weaves, which are examined in this study, are precious samples of hand weaving. According to the research conducted so far, the peshkir weaves which exist in Ottoman archieves have a pretty wide area of usage. Peshkirs have been used as hand towels, napkins and covers, and almost all have embroideries on them. Different form the ones in the existing records, the peshkirs included in this study are those whose patterns are made autogeneously during the weaving process. The clothing designs in this study which are created with an inspiration from the patterns of peshkir weaves are significant in terms of conveying the traditional weaving culture into future and increasing its area of usage.

Weaving, Peshkir, Design, Clothing Design

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