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Since the beginning of Turkish Music, the basic field of theoretical studies has been the voice. The works of philosophers such as Fârâbî, Urmevî, Merâgî show the studies carried out in this field. Some of these studies are on the instruments. In time, new techniques have emerged in the production of instruments due to the production of new theories and works that push the boundaries of the instruments. Oud is one of the basic musical instruments used in applied expression in most of the theoretical sources in which these techniques are explained. In this sense, oud production is important for the new music theories to be seen as practical. In this study, a qualitative research approach was used and the data were obtained through interview. In the center of Konya, the characteristics of the ouds, their oud ideas about its construction, the techniques they used in the construction of the oud and the problems they experienced were discussed together with the data and ability of the oud producers in the field of Turkish Music. With this study, it is thought that objective information will be presented to the oud production area and will contribute to the new generation who will be interested in oud production.

Oud production, Oud construction techniques, Konya

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