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Since the last quarter of the twentieth century, problems such as divorce, fragmented families, extramarital relations, changing gender roles have emerged along with urbanization life style. The problems with the family which is the foundation of the society, are reflected in the religious officials and their families, who will become role models for the society both in their individual and family life. This created a profile of religious officials with family problems, thus the professional success of religious officials was negatively affected. If the religious officer has a wife with various problems, this will affect both his family life and work life adversely, his motivation will decrease and his desire to work will be reduced. However, in an individual with a healthy wife and family relationship, the situation will be the opposite; he will be more successful and efficient in his professional life. In this study, in order to increase the success of religious officials, interviews were conducted with the wives of the religious officials who work various city center district centers and villages in the Black Sea Region and their psychological and sociological problems were determined and suggestions were made for the solution of these problems.

Key Words: religious official, family, wife, psycho-social problems.

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