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A collection was derived from the Arabic root cem (collection, group), which is a word having the meaning of “collected works”. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, dergis (miscellany) by departing from the meaning of derleme (collected, selected, anthology) were also called mecmua. The miscellany related to this article means “a derleme, collected works, a collection of texts brought together regardless of any contents or commonality of form. Miscellanies, especially poetry and prose miscellanies, are important works from the aspect of what they organized and in spontaneously enlightening the previous period, of being a source for the history of literature and of being a guide. The Nazik? Mecmu?a, which will be presented and explained in our paper, was found by us and registered in the Wilhelm Pertch catalogue Ms. Diez. A. Oet. No. 82 at the Berlin Royal Library and constitutes the subject of my doctoral dissertation. It is understood that most of the poems belonging to Nazik?, rough draft couplets, which have the pseudonym Nazik? and strike through, from the repetitions in different leaves of some couplets, from the questions and responses related to law of this miscellany, belong to Nazik? Mustafa Effendi, the seventeenth century poet and professor and member of the ulama profession (professor of science). At the end of a careful examination of the miscellany, a description of the copy will be made, and a detailed presentation and explanation will be made of the Nazik? Mecmu?a by classifying the sections in verse and prose.

Classical Turkish Literature, collection, Nazik?.

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