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The subject of this article is the Göbeklitepe, which has the feature of being the first temple built in Anatolia and belonging to the Neolithic period. According to archaeologists and researchers, this megalithic structure is one of the oldest temples of human history. This structure which has a long history like 10,000 BC is a masterpiece of neolithic hunter gathering communities. Gobeklitepe provides us with crucial information about the religious beliefs of hunter-gatherers lacking urban life and agricultural production. It also contributes greatly to the understanding of the religious beliefs of the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations. This temple shows us that archaic people did not lead a life away from religion and beliefs, instead it proved that they had beliefs and constructed temples to observe their beliefs and employed rich religious symbols. Gobeklitepe is a sign that people started to build a temple first to meet their religious needs, even before adapting a settled life, constructing houses, domesticating animals, and starting agricultural production. This also expresses that how religion important and preferred for humanity. Besides this, this first temple of Anatolia sheds light on the origins and birth of religion. Many assertions about Göbeklitepe have been put forward. In particular, the theses of the Aden garden, the observatory, the ritual center of the shamans and the temples stand out. The structural and formal characteristics of Göbeklitepe indicate that it is a temple before all else.

Göbeklitepe, Temple, Mesopotamia, Religion.

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