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Diyarbakır is one of our rare ancient cities with its den city identity “with its historical and cultural heritage. This city has always been important in protecting the Ottoman Empire, has continued to be an important city for the Republic of Turkey, Ataturk has made significant investments in the period. After the proclamation of the Republic, the city started to change with the investments made in Diyarbakır in the field of public works, transportation, education and culture, health, communication and industry. Within the framework of the new zoning plan that was implemented in the field of public works in the 1930s, many buildings were built to meet the needs of people and the city began to take its present form. In addition to public works in the Atatürk period, important services and investments were made to facilitate the daily life of the city in the fields of transportation, education and culture, health, communication and industry. In this study, the investments made to Diyarbakir during the period of Atatürk were examined based on the documents obtained from the republican archives and the copyright - works, and the investments of the period were tried to be presented in a holistic perspective.

Ataturk, Diyarbakır, Investment, Public Expenditure.

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