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The history of trade that is defined as the purchase and sell that people, institutions or states do among each other is almost as old as the history of human beings,. By the years when the Hsiung-nu State came to the stage of history, the trading methods started to develop relatively. The Hsiung-nu State and the Chinese Han State needed goods produced by each other, like any other states trading. In this trade, Hsiung-nu primarily needed grain products. China's basic need was animal products and horse as a strategic good. However, the need of Hsiung-nu for the Chinese goods was too much due to the instability of their economic structures. Hence the Hsiung-nu were more willing for this trade. Even in times of war, people have sought to maintain trade. Thus, even in times of weak periods of the Hsiung-nu State, there are records showing that there are trade between these two states.

Hsiung-nu, Han State, Trade, Grain

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