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In literature, an increase in studies on public sphere was observed after the 1980s and 1990s. This is about the importance of the public sphere in relation to our way of social struggle and the new threshold it proposes. At the same time, the concept allows us to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue and is therefore interested by researchers. The potential of public sphere for social participation has always been important in the studies. In Turkey, public sphere has been a complicated adventure. Therefore, this study is an effort to understand the relationship between social participation and public spheres. There are many public sphere models. In this study, the public sector is discussed in views of Arendt and Habermas. For this purpose, the first attempt will be made to understand Arendt's and Habermas's public sphere approaches. Secondly, the place and importance of feminist contributions will be evaluated. There is no doubt that public spheres will deepen the democracy culture. Therefore, the study will focus on why we need to rethink the public sphere. It is no longer possible to speak of a besieged, homogenous and hegemonic public sphere. Today, we have to talk about the existence of opposite, non-bourgeois and alternative public spheres. Therefore, steps that attach importance to alternative public sphere experiences and encourage social participation are necessary.

Community Participation, Public Space, Democracy, Arendt, Habermas.

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