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Beyazsu Rivulent Valley is in the Dicle sub region of the Southeast Anatolia Region. Mardin-Midyat plateau which is very big area in the South East Anatolia Region is ghastly riven with rivers. There are a lot of depth valleys which are directly extending from North to Sought in this area. This plateau which is named Mardin Threshold(Eşiği) consist two steps. One of them lower plateau which is limited area; another is high plateau which is largely in this area. Mardin-Midyat Plateau consist of limestone, named Midyat Formation whose age is Eosen era. In here karstification is very high. Thereby, karst topography (lapis, sinkholes and uvalas )is very characteristics on the plateau. In here, karst valleys are depth and broad based. They are occurred from old uvala forms. Midyat Formation is monoclonal structure edge plateau but it is flat structure middle of plateau. Thence, drainage system is established curly in the middle of plateau but it is followed directly in the near of the plateau. Beyazsu Valley consist of Çalpınar, Kayabalı, Kayalar and Sarıköy valleys. After the Taşlıburç settlement, Beyazsu valley is broad based to Nusaybin city. There are very strongly flowing springs in the Beyazsu valley near the Taşlıburç settlement. Beyazsu stream conjoins Karasu stream after that it is occurred as a like river. Beyazsu valley is similar an oasis in the desert. Beyazsu stream spreads largely plain near the Nusaybin city. Debris stones scatter highly slope areas especially sides of valley in the Beyazsu basin. The aim of this study is to explain geomorphological features and geomorphological evolution of Beyazsu rivulet basin. Beyazsu Valley is very arousing interest regression area because it has geographical features in this region. This area is very important at this point in terms of tourism.

Beyazsu Rivulent Valley, Mardin-Midyat Plateau, Nusaybin,

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