The trade from the existanse of people has taken important place in their lives. Since they take care of their needed through trade. Brand has always played the significant role in trade and its placed on the most important component to make a difference to its compatitor, people who is in trade should take their customers attention and the brand make this easier. While creating a brand, there are some issues needs to be considered. The brand which we are going to create needs evoke the product, services and the company’s feature. On the other hand, for the brand force the most important things is the element of brand. In this research,its investigted the effects of brand element on brand loyalty, in the research, it used some technique like survey technique and quantitative research teqnique. In the study, consumers were asked to evaluate brand element in terms of brands loyalty. In this research our data were determined by survey application. The survey was applied to four hundred and twenty nine people and prepared in accordance with quinary likert scale. The participant’s demographic characteristics were taken into consideration. In the datas SPSS22 program was used. In order to control of the values following distribition Kolmogrov-Smirnov test has been used, between two unrelated t-test has been applied for two unrelated group’s quantitave continous comparision. More than two unrelated group analysed by using one way varians method which called (ANOVA). Between continous variables Sperman Correlation analyses has been also used. As a conclusion, beign loyal of a brand is not affected by consumer’s demographic arttributes, at the same time brand elements can be related with brand loyalty.


Brand, Brand Elements, Brand Loyalty

Author : Emeliya NABİYEVA
Number of pages: 190-211
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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