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Migration is the act of changing one’s habitat due to wars, natural disasters or new job opportunities. Yaşar Kemal is one important writer who focuses on the individual experiences of the immigrants from both psychological and sociological points of view. In his tetralogy called Bir Ada Hikâyesi (An Island Story), he narrates the tragedy of people who come from different ethnic and religious backgrounds and live on an imaginary island after wars and migrations, in a lyrical language. The Cocks Of Dawn which is the topic of our study, expresses the human reality lived by the island people both during and after migration. This paper aims to answer the question of how the novel portrays the effect of migration on the lives of the characters. The writer’s humanist attitude when reflecting the creation of individual and social identity will be shown with examples. The purpose of this study is to observe the reflections of migration on the building of individual and cultural identity. We started from the way the characters settle accounts with their past, and examined the construction of individual and social identity in the novel.


Yaşar Kemal, An Island Story, migration.

Yazar: Alev ÖNDER -
Sayfa Sayısı: 60-72
Tam Metin:
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