Modern Arabic literature, which began with the invasion of Egypt by Napoleon in 1798, also included literary works in different themes from previous periods, in addition to new themes, different perspectives and emerging situations. Literature is affected by all kinds of life developments in the flow of life because it is not a branch of science. Sometimes poets and writers cover the subjects of the pain of society, sometimes the longing of society and sometimes the rebellion of society. After the 1948 catastrophe, many poets and writers worked on the Palestinian theme in their poems, novels, theater works and stories. Along with the Palestine issue, which is a new problem for almost 70 years, the theme, women, which has never changed between the themes of literature throughout human history, continues to be processed. As long as humanity exists, as long as life continues, themes will continue to change in literary works. In this study, we will try to examine "Modern Themes in Modern Arabic Literature" which is the subject of the article.


Modern Arabic Literature, Theme

Author : Ömer ŞAHİN
Number of pages: 183-189
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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