Theroles, activities, behaivorsan dapproachesa dopted by women and man among thesociet yare eexpressed in terms of gendarandun fortunately in ourcountry gendere quality countinue sand women arein feriorto man in terms of reaching andusing theirrights. Tuhrough out history, in order topreventt hesein justic esagaints women, mostin ternationaland nationalin stituti onsand organization shave been working on thisissue. Nowadays, the mostim portantin stutions that provide services by developing serius policies in this regard standout as local governments. This study yexamin esthe policies developed by local governments for women. İn thisscope; fırst theconcept of local goverment is explanied. Then the historical process of the local governments in our country is taken in tocon sideration. Additionally types of local goverments in our country are described. One the following position of womwn in the World and Turkey. Lastly the local governments in our country have completed the work by setting up legal arrangements developed forthis are a with the services mad efor women. At the end of thestudy; especially in recent years. The step stakent to wards the protection of women sright shave been carriedout serious yand the local government shave come othe fore in politics carriedout.


Local Government, Women, Municipality, Gender.

Author : Deniz BALÇIK - - Hande ÜNSAL
Number of pages: 168-182
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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