This work of Müfide Ferit which made him known as "Aydemir author" in the world of literature, was published in 1918. This novel, which has been widely spoken and gained popularity during its publication, was brought on the agenda by many writers and discussed in the political environment of those years. The reason for this is that Aydemir, without doubt, presents the Turan ideal as a suggestion to the search for salvation after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, which had finally come to an end. Written as a consolation to the Turkish nation, which was defeated in the First World War, the work has been echoed in a period when the society needs the Aydemirs the most, when people are in need of the slightest hope. In this novel, Müfide Ferit included his brother in-law Yusuf Akçura's life and ideals in his story. When the details of the work are examined, it can be seen that Yusuf Akçura's novel “Üç Tarz-ı Siyaset” shapes the ideas in the novel. He was also inspired by Ziya Gokalp's work on Turkism. In this study, the intellectual infrastructure of the novel Aydemir will be aimed to be revealed.


Aydemir, Turkism, Turan, İdeal Hero.

Author : Mehmet YILMAZ
Number of pages: 43-50
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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