In the aftermath of the bloody battles that followed each other, the Republic of Turkey, which has mourned hundreds of thousands of its martyrs became tired and poor. Another bloody battle erupted in Europe this time and Republic of Turkey found itself in the very center of World War II. Republic of Turkey which does not cause war and has no interest in war did not want to be involved in this bloody war to protect itself from the negative effects of war.Turkey, which has been in the midst of this bloody war spreading rapidly all over the world, especially in Europe, has shown its success not to be involved in this war. This process is a great success of Turkish foreign policy. İsmet Inönü and his team acted brilliantly and acted with utmost cautiousness, which led to positive results for the country by preventing the Turkish Republic from being dragged into major disasters. Starting from the concept of foreign policy, this study will examine Turkish foreign policy, Turkish foreign policy of Atatürk period, II. Focusing on Turkish foreign policy during the World War II and important developments in this period, It aims to shed light on the foreign policy of World War II.


Turkish Foreign Policy, Word War II, Turkish Russian Relations, Turkish British Relations, Turkish G

Author : ilker KEÇETEP
Number of pages: 87-105
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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