Author : Sedat ALTUNKANAT
Number of pages : 21-41


Divine religions, known as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are the most believed monoteist religions in the world. The scriptures of these religions have deeply influenced the human history and have also shaped it. However, some problems arise between these religions, since the disciples of every religion do not have enough information about other scriptures coming from the same source as well as their own scripture. When the holy books of divine religions are examined objectively, it will be seen that this problem does not originate from the holy books of divine religions, but it is seen that those who believe in these religions are interpreted by their philological and socio-cultural values. In this article, we believe that comparing the first and last messages of the divine religions will contribute to the recognition of the divine religion members. While examining the first and last messages of divine religions, we observed that there is a historical evolution between them. The fact that the last book of the divine religions, the Qur'an, refers to the divine books before it confirms some information in these books and mentions some false beliefs. Also, when we look at some provisions of divine religions, we see that they complement each other, as well as revoking some of the preceding provisions. Nowadays, the common values of the holy books of divine religions can be revealed to humanity by redacting criticism of the scriptures. In this article, it will show that the religions, which have been shown as the cause of wars throughout history, are no longer the source of wars but the principles that will enable people to live in peace and brotherhood in the world. Thus, we are of the opinion that a good understanding of the divine books of the holy books will ensure that both the followers of the divine religions and all the people will be in solidarity.


Torah, Bible, Quran, Message

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