The Roman state has a crucial place in the world culture. The military is highlighted in history studies about Roman state which has a vital place regarding to state administration, army strategies, cultural aspects and legal issues. Social lives of soldiers and prohibitions imposed on them in the Roman army have always been included in the research and various opinions have been offered in this sense. In this context, attitudes of Roman soldiers towards family notion, certain sanctions on this matter and the place of these issues in the society have always been attractive topics during the history. As in any other societies, the family was the foundation of the Roman society. In the establishment of this structure, it is interesting and necessary to investigate the patriarchal characters in advance and the prohibition of family membership. There were certain restrictions for a soldier of the Roman army to get married. These necessary restrictions differed time to time. The period when the marriage was forbidden influenced a long time as of the founding period of the Roman state. While these restrictions prevented the number of family institution which was seen as necessary for sustainability of the society from increasing, this situation also made soldiers incomplete in terms of social life. The reason given why the soldiers were prevented from getting married was to “lead them to focus on only fighting” was eliminated since military service was a prestigious occupation anymore and a professional army was formed. Thus, this contradiction between social institutions was abolished.


Roman Army, soldier, family, marriage

Author : Abdullah ÇETİN
Number of pages: 144-149
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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