The oldest information about Yusufeli and its surroundings are related to the Bronze Age. The first of these data is the copper axes found during road construction and the second is bronze axes recovered in a cave. Old bronze ages, stated that based on the existence of tight trade and cultural relations the Caucasus. This area from the end of the 15th century (middle of the 2nd millennium BC.), it was included within the boundaries of the Haiasa kingdom. The Haiasa kingdom, which extended from Bayburt to the east of Artvin, was important for the history of northeastern Anatolia. As a result of their names in the Hittite records, they have led to the beginning of the region's historical ages. Study area in the 1st millennium at BC. a principality named Daiaeni, according to Assyrian sources and Diauehi, according to Urartian sources, whose borders reach as far as the Coruh Basin, dominates the region. This paper has taken into consideration in order to eliminate deficiencies related to the ancient history of the region and to add new data to the region’s history.


Yusufeli, Ancient History, Coruh

Author : Veli ÜNSAL
Number of pages: 1-13
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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