Necip Mahfuz began writing historical subjects at the beginning of his literary life, translated the ancient Egyptian book from English in 1932 Later, he prepared to write ancient Egyptian history in the form of a novel, as Walter Scott did in the history of his country. He said he had prepared 40 topics for historical novels and hoped to extend his age until completion. He wrote three novels: the absurdities of fate in 1939, the Radubis in 1943, and the struggle of Tiba in 1944. With the publication of these third novels, he stopped the historical tendency in his novels for ancient Egyptian history. In writing these novels, history had no purpose, but it was a stage to revive the history and revive the history of the Egyptian pharaoh, and in these three historical novels, we realize that the historical philosophy has gone through three stages, the first is the control of fate and human action in human absurdity. the will is the control of the inner will and the control of love is therefore an imperative, the third is the control of the mind over human action, and this action can lead to the liberation of Egypt and the independence of Hexos, the second novel is a romantic historical novel, but the third novel is a Social novel counted.


Nagouip Mahfouz, Historical novel, Egypt

Author : Nada Ahmed SAYED
Number of pages: 118-140
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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