Puppet history is as old as human history. In our country, puppets attracting everyone's attention from 7 to 70 have a very important place in preschool education. Puppets, which are designed with different techniques according to the regions, are a kind of educational and entertaining species that the pre-school students watch with interest and observe with curiosity. Puppet pupils play an important role in their development as well as in their development. Children can easily express their feelings by impersonating the puppet they play, while doing so, their imagination expands, enables them to think creatively, improves language development, creates a mutual communication environment, and has a positive effect on the pupil and muscle development. Classes suitable for such fields of education in schools necessary to entertain children, provide information and develop evaluation. The fact that the puppet corners are rich in terms of puppet variety is extremely important for their biological development in preschool education. We can use a wide variety of puppets, especially hand, finger, string, ring, shadow, waste materials. In this study, puppet types will be mentioned. The importance of puppet in preschool education will be expressed.


Puppet, Puppet Types, Place and Importance of Puppet in Preschool Education

Author : Sevcan BAYRAK ÇELİK
Number of pages: 282-290
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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