Author : Ramazan KORKMAZ - Mutlu DEVECİ
Number of pages : 1-12


Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu, who started his literature life by joining the Fecr-i Ati community, becomes one of the important artists of the National Literary line (that is, understanding) that he later joined. The author, who witnessed the last period of the Ottoman Empire and the Republican years, makes the stories of the change of Turkish society the main subject of his novels. The Turkish people who be acquainted with the Western culture after the Tanzimat period are exposed to the effects of this culture after and until the Republic. One of the negative effects that subjects to literary works is undoubtedly wrong westernization. This theme, included as the social and individual alienation of characters especially in the novels, becomes one of the phenomena that Yakup Kadri also deals with. In Yaban, the dilemmas experienced in the process in which they are in Anatolia of the urban Turkish intellectuals who witnessed the defeat of the First World War and who survived to be amputated his right arm from this defeat are expressed. In the novel, the ball of problems that let to reached until the “wildness” of the protagonist Ahmet Celâl by evolving into the conflict between intellectuals and peasants, involves the reflection of different ideals. In the study, the his wildness that befitted/attached to the social identity of Ahmet Celâl, who a war hero and Turkish intellectual, of the village people will be evaluated and the signs that permeated spiritüel identiy in the form of alienation to oneself and others/ their own environment of this wildness will be scrutinized.


Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu, wild, alienate alien to self, alien to others.


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