The national struggle, which was the indispensability of independence and riveted with the idea of the sanctity of the homeland, was a period that changed the course and destiny of the Turkish nation on the stage of history. This tough struggle in the history of our nation is remembered in Turkish history with its before and after, and it manifests itself in the literary texts, the permanent products of social memory. It is seen that what happened during the struggle for liberation was processed in the works with an attitude reflecting the reality of the period in different genres in our literature. In this present study, the reflection of the spirit of national struggle on children’s theaters will be evaluated through two examples of theater texts written for children. Reşat Nuri Güntekin, who stands out with his novelist and storyteller identity in Turkish literature, had a remarkable interest in theater. Güntekin does not remain indifferent to children during the process of writing a theater play and writes children’s theater plays because he believes that the consciousness of national identity and social belonging can be gained by utilizing theater plays in terms of education and morality. The play called “İstiklal” is a text written in this context. Another play that contributes to the transfer of national struggle to the world of children is Peyami Safa’s three-act play “Gün Doğuyor”. Both plays written for children have a fiction based on the national identity consciousness and spiritual emotion rise that the national struggle atmosphere arouses in the society. The effort to carry this turning point which gained a place in the memory of the society to the stage of theater contributes to the development of children’s theaters and shows that the theater is nourished from historical reality. The plays “İstiklal” and “Gün Doğuyor”, the reflection of the national struggle in the field of children’s theater, will be handled in a thematic analysis through the method of document analysis. The obtained data will be analyzed with descriptive and content analysis methods.


National struggle, Children’s Theatre, Reşat Nuri Güntekin, Peyami Safa, İstiklal, Gün Doğuyor

Author : Mutlu DEVECİ - İpek YILDIZ
Number of pages: 56-66
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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