Balochs are regarded as a Kurdish people by a significant number of historians. Balochi, which is a branch of Indo-Iranian language group, has similarities with Persian and Pashto. The first works of Balochi literature were given in Sanskrit period. In 644, by tha fall of Makran in the Umayyad time, came a fundamental change in Balochi language and literature. From time to time Baluchistan have became part of the Turkish states established in India such as Kushan and Ghaznavids. Turkish migrants and raiders from Central Asia have also settled in some parts of Balochistan. Hundreds of years have experienced administrative, social and linguistic interaction between native Baloch-speaking people and Turks coming from outside. As a result of this interactions, some Turkish words and elements were borrowed to Baloch language. In this study, three Baloch dictionaries were scanned in terms of Turkish words and elements. 51 words/elements have been identified as a result of our scans. These elements were classified thematically, morphologically and phonetically. The Turkish equivalents of these elements which are identified in the balochi were scanned in 18 different dictionaries, five different etymology dictionaries and included in the borrowings list.


Balochi language, Turkish loanwords, Balochs, Turkish loanwords in Balochi.

Author : Doğan YÜCEL
Number of pages: 104-117
Full text:
The Journal of Turk-Islam World Social Studies
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