Author : Sevcan BAYRAK ÇELİK
Number of pages : 75-83


The family is the foundation of the smallest social space in our society. Family is very important for the child. Because when the child opens his eyes to life, he meets his first family and his family plays the first role in everything he will learn. It is the first environment where basic needs such as love, affection and care are met. Marriage, on the other hand, is a form of legal relationship where men and women are connected and valid in society. Divorce is the marriage terminated after the court decision. There are many reasons for divorce. The couple inevitably reflects this process to the child. Although divorce has a psychological effect on the child, we see these effects in many ways, either positively or negatively. After the divorce, both parents and children begin to establish a new order and a new life. The choices they make can be good or bad. Not every choice will be good. The important thing is what will be done after the decision taken. It is necessary to feel the damage to be taken at the least level in this difficult and important process for both the parent and the child. Every child will have a future. In order for our future to be beautiful, the spiritual development of our children must be good. After a relationship is over, it is the parent's right to start a new relationship. The important thing is to know what the child thinks and feels in the relationship they will establish and to get their opinions. The child may have some conflicts and difficulties in this process; your parent should be calm and understanding. In this study, the effect of divorce on children, the relationship between parents and children after the divorce process, how the divorce is told to the child, how the psychology of the parents after the divorce and what they should do is explained by making a small interview with the teacher of a student in the pre-school education class. our work was supported.


Family, marriage, divorce, effect of divorce on child

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